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Utilities Try to Harness Net Metering in Washington State

By Roy L. Hales, CleanTechnica and ECOreport

The latest attempt to curtail net metering just occurred in Washington state. If HB 2176 had passed, utilities companies would have been able to obtain control of “leased energy” programs. Only the bill has been returned to committee, which, as this session is over, means it is dead.

Cleantech Developments Stimulating Renewable Energy Growth

Virtual Net Metering Increases Solar Market Potential

By Nicholas Brown, CleanTechnica

Many of you have already heard that it’s not practical/possible for most people to install solar systems on their rooftops. This is misleading, and the reason for it is that many people don’t own their homes outright — they can’t install solar panels on other people’s property, unless they receive permission to do so. But that doesn’t mean their roof couldn’t sport a nice solar power system.

Major regulatory decisions affect net metering

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